AID is an association of lawyers, educationists, environmental specialists and development practitioners who are committed to support humanity in need. We build our programs around the idea that all human beings deserve equal access to opportunities and resources. Our bottom line is to set path for change in people’s lives by organizing communities, building knowledge & skills and ensuring environmental sustainability.

What we do?

AID is a right based organization that helps meet socio-economic needs of rural and urban-slum populations. While considering basic human needs as basic human rights, AID strives for securing right to education, right to healthy living, right to access opportunities and resources and right to self-decision. AID creates an enabling environment for weaker segments of society to secure their own basic rights.


AID’s mission is to fulfill developmental needs of deprived population by building human, social and natural capital.


AID envisions a developed Pakistan where basic human needs are fulfilled on sustainable footings and where renewable resources are managed on priority.