An investment approach to development

Recently announced results of high schools in Punjab, Pakistan has astounde those who believe boys are their future and put secondary importance to girls’ education. Overwhelmingly, girls have secured high grades like ever proving they are in no way behind boys in bringing dreams of parents to reality. Recent years have witnessed an increasing enrollment of girls in institutes of higher education beating the ratio of boys in all areas of study except engineering and law. Parents are requested to revisit their traditional belief, girls are not liabilities and boys necessarily are not your assets. Girls in every walk of life are proving to be more dutiful, mindful and filled with a deep sense of sympathy. Money invested on education of your daughters might bring you more return than your investment on sons. High school results prove your investment on daughters is bringing 17% more output than investment on sons as 17% – 21% girls have secured better score points in Matriculation exam. You can plan your future investment seeing through the first market test.