Sustainable Agriculture’s Mission:

“To enhance farm income of small farmers and promote organic food production.”

In Pakistan the families who live merely on farming are among the most vulnerable and falling below poverty line due to their high input cost and poor access to market. About 70% of farming families are subsistence farmers. Pakistan is among a few of those countries where modern farming techniques and technology are yet to be applied. Hazardous pesticides and excessive fertilizers are used as an alternate to modern cultivation techniques for enhancing per hectare farm yield. This leaves extra amount of nitrogen in soil as well as adds toxicity in crop yield.  AID’s sustainable agriculture works with farming families to bring changes in conventional farming technique through:

  • Forming farmers cooperatives for self reliance;
  • Capacity building of farmers for enhanced per hectare yield;
  • Promoting indigenous fertilizers & pesticides;
  • Water management
  • Providing on farm technical support; and
  • Linking crop yields to the market.


1: Secure Food Farming in District Kasur

The project mobilizes small holding farmers to get together in cooperative societies for mutual learning and support. Under the project farmers cooperatives are oriented on how to make compost and pesticides with waste and local materials. The project also distributes interest free loan to best performing cooperatives on quarterly basis. The project also monitors air quality around organic farms and inorganic farms. Comparative results of the monitoring process and possible hazards are shared with farmers’ cooperatives.

Status: On going

2: Promotion of Alternate Uses of Crop Yield

In Pakistan, not only cultivation is done on conventional footings rather uses of crop yield are also conventional. Techniques and technology for preserving farm yield is non-existent throughout the country except that of dry grains. Food shortage can be addressed if local consumers know about alternate uses of various crops. The project “Promotion of Alternate Uses of Crop Yield” researched on uses of Bamboo plant in other Asian countries and then shared its findings with Bamboo growers in district Kasur and district Okara. Bamboo farmers were oriented on making medicines and pickles for food and uses of bamboo powder for making black garlic. The project was aimed at enhancing income of bamboo farmers and addressing seasonal food shortage in the project area.  

Status: Closed